How To Make Home Made Cerelac
Cerelac is The Best Complimentary Food Your Baby Above Six Months. When Your Baby is Above Six Months Who is Breast Feeding Should Get More Than That, As Your Baby Will No Longer Be Depending Only on Your Milk, He Needs More. And Cerelac Can Be The one To Fulfill All His Mental And Physical Requirements. Cerelac Provides The Baby With Combined Benefits of Cereals And Milk And The Best Thing is That it is Free From All The Preservative, Flavors And Artificial Colours. It Provides 18 important Nutrients And Each Serve is Quite Sufficient For Your Baby's Small Tummy. Some of The important Nutrients That Cerelac Have is Protein; Calcium; Vitamin D; Iron; Zinc; Vitamin A and Vitamin C And it Also Contains Omega 3 And 6.
Here in This Video We Have Given Detailed information About How To Make Home Made Cerelac. We Hope You Do Like This Video And Will Help Your Baby Have A Great Meal.
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